Barambah Aboriginal Child Care Agency (BACCA) began in December 1991, but due to funding guidelines it was necessary for this group to change from childcare to community welfare.

In 1993, the organisation changed to Barambah Aboriginal Community Care Agency. Due to past government policies & breakdown of Aboriginal family structure, BACCA was established as a community based and controlled organisation to be trusted and supported by the community members.

This organisation also works in conjunction with the Department of Child Safety to liaise and assist families in need. Staff also assist with legal aid appointments, video conferencing and offer family support in a range of areas & refferals to other relevant agencies.

Jumbunna is initially known as the Cherbourg Youth Justice Service, whose main responsibility is to supervise juveniles aged between 10 and 17 years, who are subject to Juvenile Justice Orders from the South Burnett Children's Court. Jumbunna is funded by the Department of Communities.
This organisation consists of 8 staff members, with 3 of those members who subsequently, after court proceedings, focus on addressing offending behaviour through:

Child Protection
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