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Community Services
Cherbourg Hospital

The Cherbourg Hospital has a number of staff that have a civil duty to deliver helpful, supportive & profound health assistance to the general public &Cherbourg Shire HospitalCherbourg Shire Hospital visitors.

The Hospital has units which consist of:

  • A & E room (which is commonly used for patients who are in need of medical attention during night hours)
  • The "Women's" Hut (which deals with young women's issues, pregnancy & regular health check ups etc)
  • A Women's & Children's Ward
  • Men's Ward (located in the far end, near the entry point & dialysis unit)
  • Nurses Station (generally the reception area)
  • Outpatience area
  • A new Dialysis Unit (pictured below) which is named in the honour of the late Joanne Murray.

If you have any questions etc, please don't heistate to contact us. The director of Nursing is Rebecca West and the contact information are as followed:
Fisher Street, CHERBOURG QLD 4605
Phone: (07) 4169 8800




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