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Community Services
Wuniuada Rehabilitation Centre
Wunjuada is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that fosters care for community residents and people from around the South East Queensland region and as far south as NSW. It is located on the Main Street of Barambah Avenue, located a few kilometres above the Barambah Creek.

The centre was established 1986 but officially opened in 1994. Wunjuada was funded by Aboriginal Hostels Ltd and is now managed and under the constructive supervision of Manager, Merlee Simpson & CEO, Mr Thiha Tun.

They provide a specific service for referral and people on parole, plus offer a range of activities to help stimulate their clientele self-esteem, self-image & also give them the opportunity to make a better start in life.

If you would like to know more, then please contact the Rehabilitation Centre on 07) 4168 1225.

Child Protection
There are 2 groups in Cherbourg that are working within the Child Protection area and they are the Beemar Yumbah Children's Shelter and BACCA.

Dudley Collins Cultural Centre
Named after the late Dudley Collins, the centre is still under construction to provide educational & recreational value opportunities to the community & it's visitors. This mud-brick homestead basically has the potential to be used as a business conference centre & a venue for future annual events, but things have changed over the last few years which resulted the incompletion of this project.

Yurri Muntha CafeYurri Muntha Cafe
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