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Community Services

Gundoo Day Care Centrewas officially openied on August 4th 1990 by Peter Staples, Minister for Aged, Family & Health Services.GundooGundoo This non-profit organisation is currently under the management of Mr Ray Burrows and thrives to deliver the best childcare service they can possibly offer, with standards and values that benefit, entertain & relfect on providing each child with the opportunity for quality development (physical, intellectual, emotional and social) within a supportive environment. Knowing for a fact that the Centre has created a multicultural atmosphere for the children & staff itself, so much has been achieved through nurturing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the children, providing a safe and secure environment and encouraging them to participate in excursions & day trips.
The Centre caters for up to 60 children from 6 weeks old to shool age, but due to the increase of children, there is now a work in progress for a new unit to be adjoined to the current building, therefore, creating more job opportunities for residents / visitors who would like to experiment or persue a career in Childcare.

If you want more information, then please contact the staff members below:

Melody Malone
Wawida Collins
(Admin Officers)
Phone: (07) 4168 2832
Fax: (07) 4168 3349


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