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Local Laws and Policies
Council Laws  

Law 1 - Administration (2010) (pdf)
Law 2 - Animal Management (2010) (pdf)
Law 3 - Community and Environment Management (2010) (pdf)
Law 4 - Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads (2010) (pdf)

Law 5 - Parking (2010) (pdf)
Law 6 - Bathing Reserves (2010) (pdf)
Law 7 - Indigenous Community Land Management (2010) (pdf)
Council Policies  

Asset Management Policy
Borrowings (Debt) Policy 2014-2015
Community Engagement
Council Expenditure
Attend and Absenteeism Policy
Complaints Management Policy
Complaints Management Process (CMP) Policy and Procedures
Conflict of Interest Policy
Corporate Credit Card Policy
Councillor Code of Conduct Policy
Dress Policy

Employee Code of Conduct
Drug and Alcohol Policy
EEO Policy
Fitness for Work Policy
Fitness for Work Procedure
Harassment Prevention Policy
HR Policy
Information Privacy Policy
Policy about procurement of goods and services 2013 - 2014
Revenue Policy 2014-2015
Revenue Statement 2014-2015
Staff Disciplinary Policy