Easing Access RESTRICTIONS for Cherbourg


Roadmap to Easing of Access Restrictions for Queensland Remote Communities

Stage 1: From 7am Tuesday June 2nd

There is still no COVID-19 in our community, and there has not been a case in Gympie or South Burnett for a number of weeks.

There are still hot spots in parts of Brisbane and Gold Coast. In general, Queensland has seen a decline in the number of cases reported.

On Monday 1st June 2020, the Mayor and CEO and key LDMG people met and negotiated for on behalf of Cherbourg community via teleconference with members of the Gympie District Disaster Management Group and the biosecurity doctors.

•STARTING FROM 7AM TUESDAY JUNE 2 ND, 2020 Travel for community members EVERYDAY (7 days per week) FROM 7AM TO 10PM – multiple trips, no limit on passengers in vehicles, however people traveling off community must return on the SAME DAY.

IMPORTANT: No travel to COVID VIRUS HOTSPOTS including Brisbane and Gold Coast. SELF QUARANTINE CONDITIONS STILL APPLY: However, this can now take place in Cherbourg.

•This arrangement will be reviewed by the HBO every 24 hours.

It is always important to remember that when outside of community you maintain social distancing and wash your hands often.

We do not want to bring the virus into our community. Remember, these restrictions are to limit any possible exposure to the virus. In this case, we have to stay apart to work together.

We are doing this for all the community, especially the Elders and the very young people.

If we stick to the rules, Cherbourg can continue to be an example to the rest of Queensland.

Mayor: Elvie Sandow

CEO: Chatur Zala