• Register your dogs and/or cats with Council. Registration is free.

• Dogs must be registered with Council before 12 weeks old or within 14 days after moving to Cherbourg.

• Your dogs and cats must not roam outside your property unleashed.

• If you animal moves away, dies or you get a new animal/s, remember to update your animals’ details with Council.

• Keep your gates shut so animals cannot leave your property at will.

• Report any damaged gates and fences to the Housing Department at Council.

• All dogs and cats must be microchipped.

• Parasite treatment is important to keep your animals and your family members healthy. Free treatments are available at Council for registered animals.

• It is best to get dogs and cat desexed. Both male and female animals can be desexed. Advantages of desexing include:
o Prevents unwanted puppies and kittens;
o Prevents pets straying and causing a nuisance within the community and local wildlife;
o Less likely to want to escape your home to seek a mate;
o Reduce the risks of cancers in both male and female pets;
o Male cats will reduce scent marking;

• If you intend for your dog/s to breed, you need to register as a breeder, which is Queensland state legislation. This can be done at There are also lots of other things you need to do if you are breeding animals responsibly. These include regularly worming the litter and mother; getting the pups checked by a vet and having them vaccinated and microchipped.

• As a pet owner, you must take responsibility to ensure your pet/s does not attack or act in a way that causes fear to the community or other animals.

• No more than two dogs per household as per CASC policy. Failure to properly manage the dog numbers will impact on your tenancy agreement with Council.

• If your dog/s leaves your property, they must be supervised and on a leash/s.