Ration Shed Museum

The Ration Shed Museum

When you come to the Ration Shed Museum you will have the opportunity to experience how life was and is, in our dynamic Aboriginal community, Cherbourg. Within the precinct you can view archival films, hear the stories of our elders and look at photographic displays and old documents that relate to our lives and our history.

Come and see our talented local artists at work and see the films our Strong and Smart children at Cherbourg State School have created. There is an art gallery with interesting work by some of our budding artists and you can buy some of the beautiful paintings, walk around our landscaped gardens and have a cuppa with us.

On certain days, some of our Elders are available to share their stories and talk about their lives. We can also offer art and book making workshops where you can meet our local artists and interact with them.

Products, Services & Programs

At the Ration Shed Museum the visitor will find:

  • Tours and Educational Programs for schools, institutions and groups of visitors
  • A Keeping Place and Archive which conserves and exhibits artefacts, documents and displays
  • The Memory – an interactive archive documenting family, clan and community histories
  • Art, books, clothing, DVD’s and souvenir items for sale
  • A community art gallery, art studio and meeting place – in The old Boy’s Dormitory
  • A Corroboree ring and stage and landscaped gardens
  • Cultural Awareness programs
  • A small conference venue

Click here for Museum hours and pricing. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Ration Shed Museum, or click here to make an online booking enquiry.

If you would like to help and get involved with the Ration Shed Museum we’d love to hear from you.