Bin use

Household general waste bins are collected weekly. To make sure your bin is collected, there’s a few things  you need to do:

  • Position the bin before 8:00am on the day of collection
  • Place the bin outside the property next to the kerb, handle towards the house
  • Ensure waste bins are placed at least 30cm apart
  • Do not overfill bins, the lid must close fully
  • Do not overload the bin (maximum weight is 70 kilograms)
  • No hazardous waste (flares, fuels, oils, batteries, gas bottles, dead animals)

Bins are collected on:

community General Waste Collection

General waste collection is every Monday and Thursday. General waste bin has a RED or GREEN lid.

Recycling Bin Collection

Recycling bin collection is every TUESDAY. Recycling bin has a YELLOW lid.

Business waste collection

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Bulk Rubbish Collection

Bulk rubbish will be picked up every MONDAY & THURSDAY BETWEEN 1PM-3:30PM – Please leave on kerbside neatly for collection.