Management Team

Chatur Zala
Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Services

  • Provide responsible and accountable financial planning and management
  • Human Resources – inc. recruitment and development of staff
  • Asset management
  • Housing tenancy
Sam Murray
Corporate Services Manager

Community Services

  • Encourage and promote community stakeholder involvement
  • Promote and deliver community events and local cultural activities
  • Sport and recreation program development and delivery
  • Manage operations of Indigenous Knowledge Centre, NDIS Open Doors to Access and Radio Station
  • Disaster Management

Edwina Stewart
Community Services Manager

Economic & Community Development

  • To maintain and improve existing enterprise activities and explore new enterprise opportunities
  • Maintenance, repair, construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings
Sean Nicholson
Economic and Community Development


  • Roads, parks and garden maintenance
  • Maintain an efficient fleet of plant and equipment
  • Ensure continuity and quality of essential services such as water and waste treatment, waste collection and landfill operations
  • Animal control and Environmental Health
Matthew Bock
Operations Manager