Parenting tips for mob

Parenting tips for mob

The Dar’in Djanum Positive Parenting Project is a collaboration between Cherbourg Health Service, CRAICCHS, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council and The University of Queensland since 2019.

Dar’in Djanum means ‘strong together’ in Wakka Wakka language

The aim is to promote our children’s social and emotional wellbeing by taking care of ourselves as parents and carers. This includes support to draw cultural wisdom and traditional ways, family and community support, and positive parenting strategies that are proven to help.

Follow the links below to listen to what Cherbourg parents, carers and Elders had to say about looking after our wellbeing. Feel free to listen, download and use the audio clips and text. Please acknowledge Cherbourg community.

School and Learning

(school every day, self-care, get involved, read, show interest)

Importance of Routine

(bedtime, mealtimes, screentime rules, chores)

Being A Role Model

(show resilience, calm voice, teach skills, food/exercise/hygiene, problem solve)

Children’s Development

(be there, praise them up, set a good example, notice and talk about feelings)

Physical Health

(connection to body, healthy lifestyle, unhealthy habits)

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

(ask for help, talk about feelings, relax, helpful thoughts)

Useful Parenting Tips

(set a good example, praise, incidental teaching, rules, clear instructions, consequences, own needs)

Connection to Family and Kin

(sense of belonging, pass on knowledge, check on each other, share experiences, time out from parenting, contact with Elders)

Connection to Community

(venues, events, respect for community, raising children together)

Accessing Services

(understanding, non-judgemental, tailored, group support)