Cherbourg and South Burnett Mayors support Premier on Border Closures

Queensland’s border closures should stay in place for as long as they are needed, the mayors of Cherbourg and the wider South Burnett region say.

Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow and South Burnett Regional Council Mayor Brett Otto on Monday urged local and visitors to the region to take all precautions possible to avoid bringing Covid-19 into the area.

To date, the South Burnett region has avoided any major outbreaks of the virus that has crippled the global economy and led to many deaths both overseas and in Australia.

But Ms Sandow and Mr Otto on Monday backed the Palaszczuk Government’s controversial position on hard border closures, saying that even if it meant one life was saved, it would be worth it.

Councillor Otto said that given the local economy’s role as a major pork processor for the state and country meant it was essential that the region remained free of the virus, notwithstanding the rising number of domestic tourists visiting.

Ms Sandow said in Cherbourg, as with the wider Burnett, a significant proportion of locals were over 60 years old, and many had other health complications, and that it only took one person to enter Cherbourg carrying Covid-19 to potentially devastate the community.

She said the state government had taken the right steps to date with its border restrictions, but locals had to remain vigilant, particularly with social distancing and hygiene practices.