Dogs in Community

URGENT NOTICE – for cherbourg residents

Dear Tenant,
Due to an increasing number of stray dogs on community, there is greater risk to the safety of our elders and young children. We also have contractors and visitors in
community regularly who are helping us make our community the best it can be.
As pet owner’s; it is your RESPONSIBILITY to care for and ensure that dogs are healthy and kept secure within your residence.

“A dog is an animal, and dogs need food, water, space, and shelter. The dog is a living thing”

Dogs should not be sitting outside the front gate of their owner’s home or roaming up and down the streets scavenging and chasing cars and / or people.
We would like to work together with community in caring for your pets and minimising the number of dogs roaming our streets, in saying that; we advise community to:

  • Have ONLY 2 Dogs per Household
  • Register your pet/s with Council
  • Keep your dog fed
  • Keep your dog secure, in your yard with gates closed
  • Use a leash if you are taking your dog for a walk
  • Teach your dog good habits and skills
  • If your dog is sick, seek advice
  • If you do not want puppies, please have your dogs desexed

Contacts / Resources:

Daniel ‘Rexy’ Weazel –Animal Management Worker 0436 684 694
CASC Main Office (07) 4168 1866 – CASC Depot (07) 4168 1503

Murgon Veterinary Services (07) 4168 1277
SBVets Wondai (07) 4168 5733

Your Cooperation is greatly appreciated, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council