Mayor concerned about our youth: send your kids back to school

  • Employment Remains a Challenge
  • Understanding Community Critical for Community Helpers
  • Education paves the way to the future
  • Send Your Kids to School

Mayor Elvie Sandow spoke publicly in a brief chat on Cherbourg radio today about COVID19, the challenges and changes ahead for her community.

Cherbourg’s 1st female Mayor told listeners how she started out with council as a payroll officer from 1993 through 2014 and then on to become an Executive Director with Gundoo Early Learning Centre.

Employment outcomes for community remains a challenge

After many years working in and around Cherbourg council, Mayor Sandow says she has seen a lot of changes, CDP being one thing that stood out, “it was good for our community” it was a challenge but was giving them (community) something, not full time employment – but a couple days a week,  it was working the Mayor Said,  but as was the case then, jobs still remain a challenge but her council will always put community first.

Understanding Mental Health and Well-being Critical

On the subject of increasing “Sorry Business”, the Mayor said managing and delivering mental health and wellbeing is top priority for the community help services, along with a better understanding of local cultural ways, Mayor Sandow says help from services “needs to be on the ground, with face to face contact”

Education Paves the way to the future – Send Your Kids to School

“families and children got to realise how important education is, it’s the pathway for their future”

One of our main concerns right now are our vulnerable students who are in real danger of falling behind.  Coming up to eight weeks with movement restrictions, Mayor Sandow says she “doesn’t want kids to fall behind in education” or become disengaged with learning.

Mayor Sandow acknowledged current circumstances are affecting people mentally, for this reason she encourages parents to take positive steps, send kids to school, “there is no cases of COVID19 in our community, I think things have got to start getting back to normal back on track” get kids back to a daily routine at school, which Mayor Sandow says will help take their mind off other things.

 “it’s just getting them (children) back into a routine and taking their mind off other things, that’s happening around in the world with the COVID19” Remember Education is important “to get anywhere in life”

Give Your Child the Best Chance for a Happy Future

As a strong advocate of developing a “love of learning” from an early age, Mayor Sandow wants community to know “you are laying the foundation for the kids with early education to transition them into school” and at the other end, in the High School years, Mayor Sandow says its so important, and it falls back on family to support their students through.