MOVEMENT Update for Cherbourg: Midday 27th March

IMPORTANT UPDATE from QPS as of 12 Midday 27th March 2020

Movement in and out of Cherbourg – Students and Shopping in Murgon.

All school movement (buses, teachers, ancillary staff, and parents doing school drop off and pick up) will not be impeded by the checkpoint 27/03/20.

Cherbourg Residents can go shopping in Murgon till further notice.

You will not be impeded at the checkpoint if need to travel to Murgon to shop for essential items.

This will remain in effect until after resupply arrangements (a shop) are up and running here in Cherbourg and a regular distribution cycle has commenced. 

For the latest updates – please listen to Cherbourg Radio 94.1 FM (stream available from front page of this site) – Check this website and Facebook pages for council and Cherbourg Radio.