The new Cherbourg Mayor, Elvie Sandow, Councilors Leighton Costlello, Bronwyn Douglas (Murray), Tom Langton and Fred Cobbo were sworn into office today (8th April)

Our New Mayor told media she was very honored to be chosen by community to represent them.

While Mayor Sandow says she is happy (and a little overwhelmed) she said she owed a lot to being  raised by her two grandmothers, for the strength she was gifted by them, Mayor Sandow says she honours their memory as Mayor in this important position of responsibility.

Mayor Elvie Sandow

Mayor Sandow has had 21 years working on council as payroll officer as well as previous terms on council, first as a councilor from 2000 then as Deputy Mayor with the last council.

Since 2014 Mayor Sandow has played a role helping to give our youth the best possible start, opening doors, working to create pathways at Gundoo Early Childhood Learning Centre, “making a difference” building a passion for education. 

However, Mayor Sandow told media the biggest challenge ahead of our community right now is the threat of COVID19 coming to Cherbourg.  “It is important community listen to all the messages being sent out, we need to protect our elders form this virus”.

Mental Health and wellbeing are also highly important right now, we must look out for each other.

Another important issue while we face the prospect of tighter movement restriction and COVID19 is Re-supply, making sure we can get essential fresh food, drink, fuel and medical supplies into Cherbourg.

These are top priority issues for Cherbourg right now, and everybody must do their bit to help and do the right thing.

Once we get past the serious threat of COVID19 and only then, can we come back to the other important issues like employment, the expansion of the recycling program, creating more pathways to employment through training and education.

We wish our new leaders the very best, our support and confidence.