Two of the new houses recently completed in Cherbourg (to a Platinum standard), have been built to relieve burden on elderly and infirm residents as well as pressure on waiting lists.

A very proud Mayor Elvie Sandow says “It’s good for our (disabled) mob, for families who are on dialysis and with other health issues that require this sort of modification in the home, they are very nice, and at the end of the day we want them to be very comfortable in their home”.

Six new houses have been completed in this round, modern homes that feature split system air conditioning in living rooms and bedrooms, modern fit outs for kitchen, laundry and bathroom along with a rainwater tank, fencing and turf.

CEO Zala said CASC have delivered the latest new houses as promised on time, with only minor hold ups due to the COVID outbreak in community, our CEO went added “only the highest standard of build is acceptable in our community”, CEO Zala says under leadership from Mayor Sandow and her councillors, council are committed to delivering more houses every year (a minimum of 6 per year – with 6 new homes under construction at time of publish), the biggest challenge to this however will be funding to create future sub-divisions.

Mayor Sandow says becoming more efficient and effective in the management of community housing is part of the key while providing better service and attention to the needs of our growing community.  A new housing and inspections officer is part of council’s strategy to ensure properties are kept up to a good standard.  CEO Zala echoed the mayor’s direction advising the housing officer will play a key part in reducing maintenance costs, savings which can be put back into more new housing.  “Bottom line” Zala said “when our processes are spot on here, everyone wins”

A delighted Mayor Sandow said, looking back over years gone by, things “are really improving, it’s getting up there, on time and with transparency and everything going out to tender, (contractors) they know they got to have it done on time, and we are getting the outcomes we are looking for”

New infrastructure recently completed for Cherbourg is the water treatment plant (to support our growing community), next will be finalisation of upgrades to the Cherbourg cemetery including installation of a new entry, the long awaited new skate park, as well as the re-development and upgrade of our community landfill (which will take around 18 months) and the promised new footpath from Cherbourg to Murgon is coming to the end of the tendering process with work expected to commence on construction phases from June of this year.