Easing Access RESTRICTIONS for Cherbourg

COMMUNITY NOTICE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Roadmap to Easing of Access Restrictions for Queensland Remote Communities Stage 1: From 7am Tuesday June 2nd There is still no COVID-19 in our community, and there has not been a case in Gympie or South … Read more


Human Resources Advisor Cherbourg is located in the South Burnett Region of Queensland about 3 hours drive north west of Brisbane and 1 hour west of Gympie. The township is 7km from Murgon. Cherbourg has a hospital, medical centre, community … Read more

Get Ready Cherbourg

Winter is almost here, when people get sick with Flu. We don’t want CORONA VIRUS creeping into our community or else….. CHERBOURG WILL BE LOCKED DOWN. Get your home prepared for lockdown! Make sure you have supplies! Food to last … Read more

COVID19 Funeral Protocol

As of 30th April 2020 Queensland Health have created a protocol to be followed when families need to manage “Sorry Business” in our community. This document will assist understanding current restrictions because of COVID19 required by the Chief Health Officer … Read more


No Visitors Allowed “If you haven’t got your exemption done, then don’t come” This is the message from Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow You are risking the lives of OUR ELDERS, this is serious, please protect the traditional owners, our elders … Read more

Support service providers

Stressed out, not feeling good, worried about family? If your’e looking for help but don’t know where to start, here is a list of service providers for our community that you can ring or visit online. There is contact information … Read more

Relaxation of Travel Restrictions for Cherbourg

community notice CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Relaxation of Travel Restrictions There is still no COVID-19 in our community, and there hasn’t been a case in Gympie or South Burnett for a number of weeks.  There are still hot spots in parts of … Read more