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Step-by-step Guide, How to vote

Voting is compulsory in Australia. A failure to vote may result in a fine. The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) provides voting assistance to help Queenslanders have their say at the ballot box. The following steps take you through the ‘how to vote’ process.

1. Find your booth location

In Cherbourg the polling booths are located at the Cherbourg Council Chambers in Barambah Avenue Cherbourg. The booths operate from 8 am – 6 pm on election day.

2.Head to the issuing officer table

When you arrive at a polling booth, head to the issuing officer table where an election official will verify your identity before giving you your ballot paper/s.

3.Cast your vote in private

After that, you’ll be directed to a voting booth where you can cast your ballot in private. It’s important to read the instructions on your ballot paper before you vote.

4.Place ballot paper in ballot box

Place your completed ballot paper/s in the ballot box as you leave. Polling officials will be available to provide assistance should you have any questions.

For more information on how to vote and the local government elections, please head to the Electoral Commission Queensland website.