Bus Hire Service Discontinued

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Ceases Bus Hire in Interest of Public Safety

In response to recent bus accidents, notably in the Hunter Valley, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council (CASC) has taken a decisive step. The council has unanimously voted to cease our own bus hire services, reflecting our unwavering commitment to the safety of community.

Learning from Recent Incidents

This resolution follows a careful evaluation of recent bus accidents, underlining the potential risks associated with bus transportation, along with the age and ongoing upkeep required of our vehicles. The Council’s decision affirms its commitment to prioritising the safety of our community and the wider public, drawing lessons from these unfortunate events.

Bus Hire: Weighing the Risks

Although bus hire services provide undeniable benefits, the Council has expressed concerns over the age of the vehicles, maintenance standards, and the qualifications required by drivers. These elements, they believe, pose substantial safety risks to the public and potential liability for CASC.

A Firm Stance on Public Safety

With the cessation of its bus hire services, the CASC has made a clear statement: public safety is paramount. The Council will not compromise when it comes to the wellbeing of its residents, even if it means making hard decisions.

Looking Towards the Future

While the CASC has ceased its bus hire services, they encourage the public to explore the various alternative bus hire options available in the region. This is a necessary step forward, enabling our community to continue having access to transportation while ensuring their safety is not compromised.

In conclusion, the decision by Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council to cease its bus hire services represents our strong commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our community. By recommending the use of other regional bus hire options, Council ensures that the community’s transportation needs continue to be met in a safe and reliable manner.