Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Subdivision Workshop Yields Promising Housing Development Plans

June 11, 2024 – Today, the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council (CASC) held a pivotal workshop to discuss future housing developments within the Cherbourg community.

The workshop was hosted at the Council Chambers chaired by Mayor Bruce Simpson, with Councilors Gordon Wragge and Daniel Weazel, CEO Chatur Zala, CASC Senior Management in attendance with a presentation delivered by representatives from the Remote Indigenous Land and Infrastructure Program Office (RILIPO), Meridian Urban, and CIRC Design.

The focus of the workshop was proposed future housing developments on Collins/Cemetery Road and Fisher Street. These areas are integral to addressing the critical housing needs of the Cherbourg community.

RILIPO is a government organisation dedicated to supporting councils with native title surveys, cultural heritage development applications, and other essential services, who were requested to assist CASC in this endeavor critical to securing the future housing needs of our community.

Through a rigorous procurement process, CIRC Design and Meridian Urban were selected to develop and present design options for the new housing projects. During today’s session, RILIPO and the two contractors presented three design options for each site. These designs will undergo a thorough review by CASC leadership before being presented to the community for consultation. The feedback from this process will inform the final development plan.

One of the significant concerns addressed during the workshop was the potential presence of cultural or burial sites within the proposed development areas. To mitigate these concerns, RILIPO conducted comprehensive ground-penetrating radar sweeps, which revealed no ground disturbances indicative of burial sites. This clearance allows the council to proceed to the next stages of development.

Mayor Bruce Simpson expressed optimism about the developments, stating, “These new subdivisions are crucial for our community’s growth. The Fisher Street development could provide up to 50 new houses, while the Collins/Cemetery Road development has the potential for 45 new homes. This is a significant step towards meeting the housing needs of Cherbourg residents.”

CEO Chatur Zala emphasised the importance of timely agreements and planning, highlighting that the council aims to finalize plans by 2025 to ensure continued expansion of the Cherbourg community. The ultimate goal is to secure housing builds for the next 10 to 15 years, accommodating the urgent need for new homes.

RILIPO, along with CIRC Design and Meridian Urban, will continue to work closely with CASC to finalise the designs and move towards the development application stage. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to preserving cultural heritage while fostering community growth and development.

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