CFC Bags in CBG

Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murry is delighted with continued and growing success of “The Containers for Change” program.

In the latest move to improved outcomes for the community, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council have authorised a special project for the town where locals earn extra money by recycling.

Soon all Cherbourg homes will be issued with special collection bags to fill with recyclable containers at home ready to go to our local depot.

Cherbourg Council CEO Mr Warren Collins says the project is a positive, proactive, environmentally responsible initiative that council are proud to share with the community.

Each Cherbourg Household will be given a purpose made, large “Containers for Change” bag to keep at home, each bag has 4 lifting loops and a flap to tie down to make them easy to handle.

They are for 10c containers and can be assorted – once you have made sure you have set up an account with “Containers For Change” online, then you can deliver the bag to the local depot, (you’ll need to help Raymond & Trevor sort the containers) you’re then eligible to receive a refund into your nominated bank account.

Some tips to help you make the most of your bags, If you are going to use them for bottles please don’t make the bag too heavy to lift – 200 bottles is about 30kg

If you start having to drag the bags across cement driveways or long distances they will wear out quickly – better to lift them.

Mr Collins said “We will start delivering the bags next week street by street”

Want to make a few dollars collecting recyclable containers? Head to and register today.