keep Cherbourg safe

Message from CEO Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council

Happy Easter to all the Community Elders and members!

On behalf of the Cherbourg Council, I would like to thank the community members for their patience with the checkpoint and the new rules that we are living with.  These rules are the same as everybody else in Queensland, and other parts of Australia.

The most important rule is that we should all be staying home as much as possible, and that if we go out, we should be doing social distancing. 

Today, the CEO and members from the District Disaster Management Group had a meeting with the Public Health Biosecurity Officer.  In that meeting, the ability to leave Community to go to Murgon for really important business was discussed.  The really important business is to do shopping, banking and post office business.

When people go to Murgon, it is important to remember that you can leave for two hours, and there can only be two people in a carWhen you leave, you have to show some identification.  A driver licence is best, but if you don’t have one, a Medicare card, eftpos card, or health care card with YOUR name on it can be used.  When you go to the checkpoint to leave, you must show you identification and after that you will be given a permit so you can come back in. 

Anybody can leave the Community, but if you don’t have your identification, you will not be allowed back in.

It is important that we all be remember that the two hour limit is part of the way we are managing to keep the virus out of our Community, and to keep our elders and vulnerable people from getting sick.

This is a time that we as a Community should all be working together: to stand up and demonstrate how strong our community is.

Let’s keep striving to keep the virus out of our town, and our people safe.

Chatur Zala

Chief Executive Officer