Cherbourg Christmas Fair to Spread Festive Smiles

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council, this week took delivery of 400 packets of “Cadbury Favourite” Chocolates along with a truck load of children’s toys, just in time for Christmas, an initiative council hopes will bring some much-needed cheer to our community.

Mayor Arnold Murray told Cherbourg Radio 94.1 FM this week he and his councillors had become increasingly concerned at the amount of “Sorry Business” in community (over 26 funerals in the last two and half months) and the impact this was having on residents so close to the Christmas season.

After discussing these concerns with the Acting CEO Chatur Zala, the not-for-profit organisation GIVIT was contacted to organise an ideas session on what could be done.

GIVIT Listed Ltd is a national not-for-profit connecting those “who have” with “those who need”, representatives spoke to council about a gesture that could be made to help lift the spirits of a community in deep grief, agreeing to donate chocolates and gifts to be distributed to the households of Cherbourg.

Mayor Arnold Murray said a Christmas Fair to be held in the grounds of Council Chambers later next week is now being organised, the event will include family friendly activities like a jumping castle, snow cones and other activities.

Council are inviting Cherbourg residents to come down enjoy some festive fun and collect Chocolates, gifts and Christmas cards, a day and time will be announced on our local radio 94.1 FM, on this website and on social media.

Mayor Murray says he is looking forward to seeing smiles on faces of our local children, something he hopes will go some way to help healing for those grieving at this time.

A very Merry Christmas from Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council, our warmest wishes to all of our community, we hope these gifts bring a little brightness to you and your family and that those who have left us are remembered with fondness in our hearts during the festive season.