Cherbourg Health Service Operational Hours

For Community Residents Only – information subject to change – please check for updates (31st March 2020)

Alternative arrangements have been made for those who live off community

Cherbourg Hospital Operational Hours

Emergency Department               Monday to Sunday 24hours

Outpatients                                 Monday to Friday    (drop-ins)

Chronic Disease Clinic                 Tuesday                 (8:30am- 4:00pm)

Antenatal/Postnatal                     Business as usual – until further notice  

Child Health Clinic                       Business as usual – until further notice

Pharmacy Department                

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

10:30am – 1:00pm & 2:30pm – 4:00pm Dispensing window will remain near triage door until further notice.  

Cherbourg Hospital phone number: (07) 4169 8800

Administration Staff response:

How can I direct your call?

All COVID-19 calls will be diverted to an extension number that has been allocated for COVID-19 inquiries and triage

Services Available

Emergency Care

Medical and Nursing Care

Admission and Transfers (as required)

Appointment bookings

General Health inquiries

Dispensing Medications

Medication management

Ante-natal and post-natal care

Immunisations Flu Vaccinations  (will be available very soon – appointments will be coordinated by nurses to promote Social Distancing) 

Patient Transport Support Services        (until further notice – travel restrictions may apply)

Additional Information

Provide medical consultation / appointments to high risk / vulnerable patients (via phone / face to face) until further notice. 

Paediatric Clinics will be coordinated via Telehealth. 

All visiting services including Allied Health have been suspended temporarily until further notice.

Urgent appointments and follow-up will be arranged with clients via phone or home visits.  

Cherbourg Community Health Operational Hours

Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

Times: 830hours – 1630hours

Community Health phone: (07) 4169 8900

Tarita Fisher

Health Service Manager Cherbourg

Cherbourg Health Service COVID-19

Bio-Security Clearance

…Re-Entry to Community…

All Medical Appointments off Cherbourg Community will need to receive:



If you do not apply for this application; you will Not be Allowed back on Community after leaving; you will need to go into 14days self-isolation off community.  

Please contact the Cherbourg Health Service

Hospital   Ph: (07) 4169 8800

Community Health Ph: (07) 4169 8900

You will need to provide a copy of your appointment. Name of your Escort if being transported to your appointment.You will need to also provide a copy of your drivers and vehicle registration details.