Cherbourg Mayor Says Getting Kids Back to School is a Must

Mayor Elvie Sandow and her council strongly support and encourage Cherbourg students to get back into learning ways after many weeks of home schooling.

Funding from Department of Communities, Disability and Seniors for projects unable to used due the COVID19 restrictions (social distancing rules, no large gatherings) have now been re-directed into supporting Cherbourg students.

Mayor Sandow says getting kids back to school and their education is a must “We don’t want kids to fall behind or feel disengaged”

Happy Students Daniel and Mary Aubrey

 After speaking with Director General for Department for Communities, Disability and Seniors, Clare O’Connor, it was agreed by council funding that had been earmarked for other initiatives could be better served supporting well-being of our young ones.

Mayor Elvie Sandow (a strong advocate for early childhood education) and Director General Clare O’Connor were strongly in favour of paying for all Cherbourg students to get a tracksuit for the school that they attend.

CEO Chatur Zala said schools in Cherbourg and Murgon have been approached to arrange ordering and delivery of the tracksuits for the eligible Cherbourg students, council will pay the invoice costs.

This week councilors were present when around fifty students at St Josephs Catholic Primary issued students with their new school tracksuits.

(Photos supplied by CASC and thanks to Lynette Brown)