Community BBQ to meet new Security officers

Cherbourgs new security officers have completed training this week at the Nurunderi Tafe.

Our Cherbourg Security crew include Ronald Watson, Kenny Day, Norman Wragge, Cyril Bligh and his nephew (also Cyril Bligh), Rodney Rewald, Craig Georgetown, Tyson Alberts, Peter Langton, Edwin Simpson, Phil Fisher, Bradley Lowcock, Kimberly Barret, Tanya Saltner and Stafford Saltner.

The team have invited Cherbourg families to come meet them and ask any questions at a community Barbeque this coming Monday 4th of November from 5.30pm to be held at the Cherbourg IKC and Library.

The graduates say they have put their hands up to be part of the new business because of a genuine concern for their community, a desire to be advocating for better outcomes in their hometown and are calling on Cherbourg folk to come together to help make our community a safer place for everyone.

In a group discussion held this week with Michael Monk from our Cherbourg Radio, the team said  they expected hurdles,  but want Cherbourg families to know they’re determined  to help “calm things down”, to advocate for and be part of preventing the escalation of potentially critical incidents, here to support community and bring about a drop-in crime.

The team, especially the elders in the group, are also happy the new security business will create pathways of equal opportunity for men and women, to increase self-determination in matters of the community, and for this reason, call on Cherbourg residents and service providers to help “build up”  and support the new service, to be part of “creating a legacy” of a happier, safer community talking to each other and solving problems together, a positive example for future generations.

Lyn Meecham, Business Development Manager at Asset College, has been the training coordinator for the project, Ms Meecham, with 15 years in a wide area and levels of security services including senior management, has imparted a wealth of specialised knowledge to what she describes as an “exceptional group” whom have shown “strength of character, fortitude and comradery”  a genuine love of community and team ship that Ms Meecham says will carry them through the challenges ahead.

Ms Meecham says the new security officers, once starting work, will carry out the usual tasks expected, including checking and securing buildings around the community, writing incident reports, the team are expected to be proactive in liaising with community and stepping in to help defuse and deescalate arising incidents before getting to a point where law enforcement maybe needed.

Ms Meecham echoed a concern that, at this early stage, that community may not know how the new service would work and what it means for Cherbourg, Ms Meecham says the new security workers know there will be expectations, but will look to work together and with community to be part of finding solutions, she says communication is critical at this early stage if community are to realise the benefits and potential positive outcomes expected for this new Cherbourg Security and Safety initiative.

The community BBQ to meet the new Cherbourg Security Officers is to be held at the Library/Indigenous Knowledge Centre this Monday 4th from 5.30 pm