Community MEETING – Bush Food Project

A community Project Meeting is coming up this Thursday 6th May in Cherbourg at The Council Training Rooms starting at 9am.

It is important to know this is a whole of community project, that will be locally owned for the purpose of developing native foods in collaboration with three other communities, each with their own locally owned projects.

The project will have a strong focus on opportunities for young people to learn about their culture, languages, family stories, good nutrition and traditional practices as well as offering positive pathway for them and their and future generations by growing sustainable and long-term employment for many people in our community, value added spin offs will increase viability and a long lasting legacy.

The project will provide an inclusive, respectful and culturally safe environment in which goodwill and wellbeing are nurtured and achieved.

Importantly their will be a high protection of knowledge – Community has Intellectual Property and keeps all commercial IP.

Discussion on Thursday will include a presentation from University of Queensland to go over the overall structure of the project so far and who is doing what – a review of what has been done so far.

Their will be discussion of potential industries – bush foods, value adding – current council infrastructure and the role of council – group discussion welcoming input from the community, what would community most like to achieve – ideas for working together as well discussion around how to move forward from here, future meetings and discussion.