Community safety officers in training

In February of this year, Cherbourg Council announced funding from the federal government for a community safety and digital connectivity initiative.

$987,000 allocated to install digital monitoring, Wi-Fi technology and to launch the new community driven security business.

The Cherbourg Safe Communities project has since progressed past the first intake of Cherbourg locals who are now training to be part of the inaugural team of Cherbourg Community Safety Officers.

Training, attended by successful candidates commenced this week at the Nurunderi Tafe College.

In a discussion with Cherbourg Radio broadcaster Michael Monk, the group spoke passionately about their desire to make a difference for the Cherbourg community and to be a good example for the next generation.

The trainees spoke of a desire to be part of rebuilding community pride and respect, to reduce crime and to divert youth away from a cycle that included a future behind bars, of being a visual deterrent, a presence to help to “quieten things down”, moving forward together working in a family a way.

The future Community Security Officers feel confident they can succeed for their community and are calling on all locals to come together as “one mob”, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, everyone working on equal footing to make a better community for everyone.

Confident the new community program can work, the team, who are committed to seeing positive change, also acknowledge bigger outcomes will take a while and encourage locals to get behind them, show support and give the new initiative time to work.

Graduation from the intense security training will take place in late November.