Council proud to sponsor new rugby league carnival

2019 saw the first ever “Legends of League” football carnival here in Cherbourg, an event that organisers thought would most likely be a one of, however after a outpouring of support and positive outcomes for the community and beyond, the concept has been expanded into what could become an annual draw-card event for our region.

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council are proud to be recognised as a major sponsor and supporter of the all inaugural “Cherbourg Rugby League Carnival”, scheduled for Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of February at Jack O’Chin Oval Cherbourg.

Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray told Cherbourg Radio 94.1 FM this week the original Legends of League event had been very good for the community, local players and ex-pats thrilled to play up against NRL greats of years gone by, that the buzz has continued long after, with locals still talking about the event today.

From a mental health and well being perspective the Mayor said that “the best medication our footballers could maybe get was to be on country or be in an Indigenous community, feeling at home”.

For many of the younger generation, the Legends of League event had been an opportunity to see their father or pop run on to the field, play and represent their hometown after many years away from the paddock.

The new Rugby League Carnival, which will see the Legends return to Chebourg now offers the opportunity for teams nominating to win significant cash and prizes.

To find out more on the event see the flier here or call Errol Simpson on 0437 786 777