URGENT MESSAGE FROM Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group

  • 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19 from Brisbane Youth Detention Centre
  • Community urged NOT TO Travel to Brisbane unless essential (i.e. Medical etc…)
  • Have you traveled to Brisbane Area in last 2 weeks?
  • Get tested, especially if you have any flu-like symptoms
  • Self-Isolate until you have results

As at midnight Friday August 21st, there have been 6 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 confirmed to have originated at Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

Our Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group have met, and under instructions from Queenslands Chief Medical Officer we ask that community DO NOT travel to the Brisbane and outlying areas of Brisbane for any reason other than for essential purposes i.e. medical etc…. and definitely NO social or recreational travel.

If you have been to Brisbane area in the last two weeks and are showing ANY flu-like symptoms, please do not wait, go and get yourself tested as soon as possible and self-isolate at home until test results have come back.

It is especially important you get tested if you have traveled to Forrest Lakes, Carindale and North Ipswich which have been identified as potential high risk, however, as this is an evolving situation the whole of the Brisbane area and immediate surrounds are of concern. 

Please do not take any chances with your health and the health of elders and community.

As a result of this new outbreak, the Queensland Government advise strict new restrictions will be imposed on gatherings in South-East Queensland.

Gatherings at homes across Greater Brisbane will be limited to 10 visitors from today.

Outdoor gatherings will also be limited to 10 people.

Facilities that have COVID-safe plans, including cafes, restaurants and gyms, will not be affected by the restrictions.

The rest of Queensland (including Cherbourg) will be limited to 30 people.