No Visitors Allowed

“If you haven’t got your exemption done, then don’t come”

This is the message from Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow

You are risking the lives of OUR ELDERS, this is serious, please protect the traditional owners, our elders who allow us to walk on their land.

Yes, these are hard times for mob right now, more stress and sadness in these times, but because of CORONA Virus we do not want more Sorry business to come to our community.

If you do not have written permission from Bio-Security Officer and our Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group, if you have not filled out paperwork, THEN DO NOT COME HERE.

This is serious business, the elders who allow us to be on this land are at the highest risk for COVID19 and we must keep them safe in our Cherbourg community

Cherbourg Council CEO Zala says, “that is why we are telling everyone to not come, especially from virus hotspots including, Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Cairns”.

If you are thinking about coming here and live more than 50 kilometres away from our community, the police are serious, you will get charged and you will be getting a large fine.


Mayor Elvie Sandow has warned, the recent easing of restrictions by Queensland Premier does not mean people can just come visit, Cherbourg is NOT a party place, you are putting our elders at the highest risk, you are not welcome.

If you have not got prior approval for exemption to enter Cherbourg Community with good reasons to be here, if you come to the Cherbourg Checkpoint and are found to be more than 50k from where you live, you will be fined under the bio-security act.

Please Don’t Risk It – Don’t Come to Cherbourg.

Cherbourg Council Mayor   – Elvie Sandow

Cherbourg Council CEO    – Chatur Zala