Health Councils First Forum Kicks Goals for Improved Service Delivery

It has been a long journey from 2020 Community Health Forum held at the Cherbourg Sports Complex, but mayor Elvie Sandow said she along with the other members of the Cherbourg Health Council, were “looking forward to changes in our local health service delivery in our community” following this week’s first official “Cherbourg Health Council Forum”. 

Held Wednesday at the Nurunderi Tafe here in Cherbourg, Mayor Sandow said “we need to build that partnership with @CRAICCHS, Community Health, and the (Cherbourg) Hospital”

Four key areas discussed in the forum included Culturally Appropriate Customer Service (as a 1st priority), Mayor Elvie said our mob “need to feel comfortable” when attending the local hospital and health service providers. 

The second priority discussed was early childhood, care for our gundoos, Mayor Sandow said “we want a focus on healthy babies (the first 1000 days of a child’s life), as well as a focus on the mums”.

Another very big discussion was mental health, something the mayor said will be taken back to community to have “a big input, so we can work together to tackle our mental (health) issues in our community”. 

The fourth topic of discussion at this forum was the amount of chronic illness and how lifestyle affects these outcomes.

At the end of the forum Mayor Elvie was upbeat on the outcomes, “truths were told about health service delivery and how people were getting treated, we’re going to get answers and we’re going to work together to make this partnership work in our community”

Service providers participating in the discussion joined in making commitments to the Health Council and our mayor to expect seeing differences within the next six months, something Mayor Sandow said she is confident about and will make sure happens.