Health Service Update from CRAICCHS

CRAICCHS will remain open during COVID-19

CRAICCHS is still able to manage your health care needs and chronic health conditions via telehealth.
Face to face consults will be available if the Doctor requests it.

Appointments with the Doctor:
• All appointments provided over the phone
• Call reception to book your appointment
• Your phone number must be confirmed at the time of booking
• All of your general needs can be easily done at the time of this call with the Doctor – scripts, referrals, advice etc.
• CRAICCHS will send your script to Murgon Pharmacy.
• Medications can be picked up from CRAICCHS between 4-5pm daily.
• Delivery of medications available if required.
If you have a mole, spot, wound and are concerned, phone reception first, take a photo and appropriate action will be taken when and if required.
Flu Needles will be given by appointment only. An update will be provided as they become available.
Blood tests are still available by appointment only.

Continue to phone CRAICCHS on 1800 698 600 for a Doctor’s Appointment

Any general questions or concerns, please contact us.