Information for RETURNING Prisoners

The return of prisoners will be processed case by case, day by day.

Brisbane is now a COVID hotspot with increased screening required.

As at today Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay is not considered a Hot Spot.

If there have been no COVID cases at the corrective services facility (Prison) while the detainee is there, or any other facility the detainee has been in the previous 2 weeks, then the prisoners return directly to Cherbourg maybe considered.

However if there is chance or concern of possible transmission the detainee will need to quarantine/self isolate in Murgon or at other accommodation nominated by the Local Disaster Management Group.

Information we need to know in advance :

  • which correctional facilities the detainee have been held in the 14 days prior to their release
  • how the detainee will be travelling (getting back to community)
  • who will accompany the detainee
  • who will meet the detainee at the checkpoint for handover