Legends 2020 officially launched at jack o’chin oval

Legends of League is returning to Cherbourg in 2020 with a new, bigger two day “Indigenous Football carnival (including major prize money), set to take to the Jack O’Chin Oval again February 7th and 8th.

Representatives from the Australian Legends and Cherbourg Legends, along with major sponsors made the announcement in Cherbourg on Tuesday (10th December).

Former NRL great Craig Teevan, one of the event organisers said the Legends game played in Cherbourg earlier this year was one of the best the footballers had seen in the way of support and hype, so much so that bringing the new , bigger two day “carnival” style event in 2020 was an easy decision to make for promoters.

Mr Teevan told Cherbourg Radio that next year’s Australian Legends line-up would see most of last year’s all-star line-up in attendance once again, with a few new legends to make an appearance as well.

The program will be much the As was with earlier this year, key players from the team will arrive in the run up to the carnival visiting local schools, kindergartens, hospitals and nursing homes, however this time an Indigenous Carnival will also be played over two days that will culminate with the Legends Game.

Troy Byers from Legends of League, said bringing back the two-day carnival style event was an easy decision for Cherbourg Council and local Murgon businesses to get behind. Mr Byers said since coming to Cherbourg, the legends concept had traveled successfully to other passionate rugby league communities and outback regions including, Darwin, Cairns and Mount Isa, enthusiastically supported by former NRL greats like John Hopoate, Cliff Lyons and others.

Beyond the thrill of the game, legend players have said they enjoyed visiting with community, learning and getting a better understanding our community and our local history.  The Australian and Chebourg Legends Teams are expected to be announced in the next few days.

Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray says locals are excited to see the players again, coming back to community along with the extra support from other groups like “M.O.B” (Murri’s On Bikes) who’s unexpected visit at this year’s event was seen as one of the major highlights this years event.

Cherbourg Councillor Tom Langton, (representing the Cherbourg Legends) said he was pleasantly surprised the Legends event would be coming back to community and the carnival would be a good thing for community, hopefully bringing some much-needed joy and happiness in the light of much “sorry business” lately. 

Councillor Langton said it was a proud moment for him personally and his family to run onto the field against the Australian Legends team earlier this year, to also get on and play against younger (and older) players from years gone by. 

The other positive for “local fellas” Councillor Langton noted was a renewed motivation to get into training, regular exercise and fitness, taking steps toward healthy hearts and minds.  Beyond that councillor Langton said it was with a great sense of pride to run onto the field with family, to set a good example for young ones to maybe to represent Cherbourg in the future.

This year’s event see the return of major sponsors including Jim Adcock of Sellwood Constructions (also running on with the Australian Legends team) and Jason Holznagel of Total Building Solutions, Mr Holznagel says it “Means a great deal for Total Building Solutions to be a part of supporting an event like this” while Jim Adcock of Sellwood Constructions said he felt it was important to support community especially in the areas that locals are passionate about.

So far four women’s team and seven men’s teams have nominated for the new event including teams from as far away as Oakey.

Registrations for the carnival are still open at this stage with space for another five men’s teams and two more women’s teams for a chance for winning teams to walk away with significant prize money. 

Interested teams should contact Errol Simpson to nominate their team by calling 0437 786 777.

Nomination Fees are $1200 for Men’s and Women’s teams (which includes insurance)