New Budget Brings More Much NEEDED plant and Infrastructure

Cherbourg Council this week passed in their 2021-22 budget continuing a focus on much needed major plant and infrastructure for the community.

A prime example of the councils priorities, the new water reservoir tanks with a 50-to-100-year life expectancy that commenced construction earlier this year, supply to community due online by Christmas.

Cherbourg CEO Chatur Zala pointed out in this week’s budget meeting CASC are asset managers, each year significant funding invested into much needed infrastructure creating improvements and supporting the long-term needs of our growing community, “funding spent on plant and equipment will ultimately make Cherbourg more self-reliant, bringing down councils overall operating costs in the long term”, new plant equipment including new Rubbish Collection Truck, Front-end loader and Bobcat will join the council fleet in the coming year.

Major works for 2021-22 include a “Works For Queensland” spend on Rubbish/Tip upgrades to making the Cherbourg facilities more environmentally compliant – works will separate waste into the correct sections (plastics, carboards, glass etc…), proper green zones between the collection points, capping and extra measures to protect the water table against contamination.

There will also be cameras installed to detect illegal dumping.

CEO Chatur Zala

In July we will see new line marking on our community roads, part of $90k and $140k projects spent on roadworks in the coming year, we will also see more upgrades to housing ($2.5m)

Works on the new footpath between Murgon and Cherbourg are expected to start in October.

CEO Zala indicated as projects role out there is potential for local job creation.