Project Managers Gripfast Consulting have submitted this most recent update of works:

The contactors for this project are Water Treatment & Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd.

This week has had the first reservoir floor excavated, levelled, compacted and bearing capacity testing carried out. 

The Reservoir builders dropped off their initial equipment. 

The second pond has had some of its contents removed as we look to de-water that pond also. 

Soil testing has been carried out and the results will be used in the design of concrete lining which should be in mid next week. 

We’ve had the surveyors on site for the second time to give us final levels on the reservoir slab, the raw water pipeline and the inlet works. 

Earthworks for the generator slab has begun with clearing of the material for the new concrete slab. 

The pontoon for the inlet works has been brought up to the work site.

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