No Cases of CORONA in Cherbourg

From the Chair of The Local Disaster Management Committee


To the residents of Cherbourg

During the current flu event unfolding around the globe, COVID-19 (or CORONA Virus) it is important that we as a community stay informed and up to date with the latest information, delivered from a reliable source.

The Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group has been activated at a STAND UP level and are meeting regularly.  The lead agency in this current event is The Department of Health, from which we receive all the most current and important information about the status of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

As at 12.00pm today (21st March 2020), we can advise there have been no new cases confirmed in the Cherbourg and South Burnett Region.  It is also important to know that to date, there are NO confirmed cases in the Cherbourg community or surrounds.

As always, we remind community to remain “alert, but not alarmed”, to please take all the necessary personal hygiene measures, washing of hands and to observe social distancing protocols.  Please ensure that our elderly and vulnerable community members are protected from any potential exposure to flu-like symptoms.

The Cherbourg LDMG will meet again this coming Tuesday 24th of March, community will receive further local updates soon after this meeting.

Arnold Murray                                                            Chatur Zala

Mayor                                                                        Chief Executive Officer