Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council has enacted its Pandemic Response Plan to combat COVID-19 and its potentially devastating effects on our community.

This will include the commencement of a checkpoint on Cherbourg Murgon Road in partnership with QLD Health. This checkpoint is designed to stop all non-essential vehicle and pedestrian movement into and out of Cherbourg to mitigate the effects of a potential transmission of COVID-19 into the community. Health screening measures will be conducted at this checkpoint along with the checking of bona fides.

To assist Cherbourg Council with these measures, if you are a provider of key services and utilities into the Cherbourg community and have scheduled or ongoing work for the next six months, you are required to register movements on the dedicated phone number 07  4189 9252 and provide details as follows:

  1. Name of Agency
  2. Scope of Works provided
  3. Name of staff entering to complete works
  4. Name and contact details of a supervisor in your organisation who can verify these details in the event of questions from checkpoint supervisors.

This information will be collated by the Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group and a list of approved persons given to Checkpoint staff for each day.

If you do not provide these details, you will be turned away at the checkpoint and be unable to enter the Cherbourg Community. 

We thank you for your ongoing support to our community and your cooperation in these difficult times.

Arnold Murray, Mayor                                                                                              

Chatur Zala, CEO