OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Community Engagment


8th December 2022

From Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council (CASC) RE:

Engagement with Cherbourg SPAN Group

Sadly, suicide has touched everyone in our community, this includes our mayor, councilors, staff and management of CASC, the continuing loss of family and friends impacts on us all.

We really believe now more than ever roadblocks and limitations need to come down, change must happen. So many are crying out for a real change, we need to talk and work with each other, be guided by our genuine desire to stop the human carnage in our community, we need to work better, in a partnership, not against each other.

At a recent CASC meeting, we passed a resolution for Cherbourg SPAN to operate independently of CASC as their own structured and incorporated organisation separate from CASC.

This decision was made so CASC could then offer a partnership of more meaningful assistance to a community run organisation, by the people for the people.

At this point in time Cherbourg SPAN is not an independent, incorporated organisation.

The group made up of Cherbourg community members personally affected by suicide,

whilst in its infancy and growing, has been helped by CASC to obtain funding which we have

administered, CASC has assisted with manpower, governance, and other in-kind support,

helping with events including RUOK marches other community events, also given access to

council resources including working hours from CASC staff (Namely our community service

dept), along with the use of office space.

This has been offered out of genuine concern and love for our community to support this

passionate group of volunteers to assist growing and strengthening their service, structure,

and membership.

CASC have a job to do, council are community, we stand with and are a voice for Cherbourg, we cooperate with any group working with and for the interests of community 100%, and we always will.