ONLY 2 PEOPLE in the car going into town

  • Checkpoint getting jammed up with too many people trying to get into town
  • To Maintain Bio security safety for community, only two people in the car
  • Exception only for emergency
  • Must be back in community within 2 hours
  • Travel allowed for shopping in Murgon at any time (for now)

In compliance with Bio security measures designed to protect our community, a maximum of two persons will permitted to pass through the checkpoint on the Cherbourg/Murgon Road.

Trips into town are allowed for shopping and medical purposes only, and only if essential.

Vehicles containing more than two people will be refused access past the check point unless for urgent important medical reasons.

All people leaving community MUST be back within two hours or risk being locked out for 14 days.

You must observe good hygiene and social distancing measures at all times.

Keep Cherbourg Safe – We MUST all work together to stop Corona Virus from coming to our community.