Partnerships for Better Housing outcomes

This week our council met with representatives of the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy, where we discussed the Cherbourg Housing Action Plan for for the next five years, priorities for the future, land development, housing designs that will meet our community’s needs (in line with our waiting list) as well as funding required.

These partnerships and meetings are vital in keeping clear lines of communication with the Qld Government, working together we identify what funding needs are to be secured now as we continue developing strategies for managing growth and livability for our community into the future, this includes planning support for new housing and potential sub-divisions.

CEO Chatur Zala says “everything can happen through partnerships, working together for a better result”

Currently we have tenders out for 6 new houses to be built by June of 2023, this week we also signaled and agreed building plans into 2024 as well as preparation into 2025.

Cherbourg is one of three first nations communities in the state managing their own housing, and now we are working more closely with the Dept of Housing in a partnership to address how better to manage delivery of our Cherbourg Council housing department, to upskill staff, improve systems and procedures, repairs, rents, and tenancy management.  

The upgraded housing plan (including discussion of future home ownership opportunities) for the Cherbourg Community – is a living document that will soon be available for download and review from the Cherbourg Council Website.

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