RENT RELIEF for Cherbourg

  • 1st Full Meeting of new Council
  • Residents will pay No Rent in May 2020
  • Cost to Council $140,000
  • Residents can choose to credit their account
  • Community will always come first

The first full meeting of the new Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council was held today with the topic of COVID-19 and supporting community well-being top of the agenda.

In a move that has the full support of council, the first decision voted and agreed on is that all Cherbourg Residents will pay no rent for the month of May 2020.

Mayor Elvie Sandow said that she and her fellow Councillors agreed they wanted to help community in any way possible during these tough times, that strengthening council’s commitment to the well-being of residents is more important than ever.

The one off “Rent-free May” will come at cost of $140,000 to council.

Residents can choose, if they wish, to still pay rent during the month of May to gain a credit on their rental account.

Mayor Sandow says she wanted people to know that community comes first and always will.

Mayor Elvie Sandow
Community will always come first