WEAR YOUR MASK and Get Prepared

Cherbourg Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) have met today in response to the growing number of COVID cases now occurring in Queensland and have now moved to a “Lean Forward” position.

The LDMG strongly encourage any residents of community who have not already vaccinated to make this a priority – also if you have already had your 1st dose, please be sure to get your 2nd shot as soon as it is due.

The LDMG will be active and ready to take action in the event infections enter the community, taking a stance of “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best”

Community are also strongly encouraged to prepare your home for COVID by following the attached “Cherbourg COVID Readiness” Household pandemic management plan.

If you come into contact with or show symptoms of COVID the following self-isolation procedures must be followed

VACCINATED? – Community members isolation period is 1 week (7 Days)

UNVACCINATED? – Community Members isolation period is 2 weeks

Don’t have a mask? You can get one from reception at Cherbourg Council