A Vision to the future

Cherbourg Council Corporate Plan 2020 to 2025

An Empowering Vision for Community

It is a requirement all local councils have a current 5-year corporate plan.  

A Corporate plan for council is a roadmap, instructions and expectations prepared in consultation with our communities elected officials, Mayor Arnold Murray and his councilors.

The plan incorporates councils guiding vision and values, these include providing a clean, safe & healthy community, working to improve the well being of our people.

Mayor Arnold Murray this week outlined his biggest goals “to make community a better place for the younger generation coming through” more jobs and opportunities, better housing, infrastructure, environmental services etc…, Mayor Murray said expansion and the growth of enterprises including the recycling plant, along with a policy of employing Cherbourg locals first, gives him great hope for a future that empowers and encourages youth toward self-determination as active members and emerging leaders of our community.

Essential services remain a top priority for council, water, hygiene, rubbish collection, roads and other critical infrastructure.

Newly appointed CEO Chatur Zala says “having a well thought out and comprehensive Plan helps council when applying for capital works funding”, this plan shows leadership, that council has vision and direction, the plan is a reference document that creates guidelines as to how council’s future projects are rolled out and prioritised.

The Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Councils Corporate Plan for 2020 to 2025 was adopted by council in a general meeting held in January 2020.

The Corporate Plan is available on the council’s website for download, also as a hard copy at council chambers.